Library resources and services for graduate students

An overview of library services and resources for graduate students at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities).

Welcome and introduction

The University Libraries have a wide variety of collections and services to support graduate students in your coursework and research at the University. Let's face it--there is a mountain of information out there and we can give advice and support every step of the way.

University of Minnesota Libraries website:

On the Twin Cities campus, we have 5 main library locations and 7 branch locations.

Check out our video below. 

First steps to do


The Libraries can save you money!

Free textbooks and course materials

Don't pay for articles. If an article is not immediately availalble from the Libraries, request it from Interlibrary Loan. It's free to you. 

Request that the Libraries purchase books and other items for your research or teaching needs. We'll evaluate your requests and purchase what we can.  Contact your subject librarian/department liaison to discuss. 

Other ways to save

Getting your questions answered

We are all eager to answer your questions and get you the resources and information you need to succeed. Here are ways you can connect to library staff:

Subject librarians and department liaisons can provide research assistance to graduate students as well as answer questions about library services and resources. Some specific ways we can help: 

Chat 24/7 Online with the Libraries. Ask us anything! Chat with a librarian, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with any research or library questions.

Email us using this contact form. 

Call us at 612-624-3321.

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