Jewish Newspapers

This guide introduces search tools for research in and about Jewish newspapers.

Jewish newspaper titles

Please note that coverage dates will vary. The date shown is the beginning publication date. Coverage may not begin with the date listed below. Check individual titles in MNCAT for exact coverage dates.

You can also do a subject keyword search for Jew* newspapers to get this set plus titles of books about Jewish newspapers. Other subject keywords include 'Jerusalem Newspapers' and 'Israel Newspapers'.

"Der Algemeyner Zshurnal the National Jewish Journal." Der Algemeyner Zshurnal the National Jewish Journal (1972).
"American Jewish World." American Jewish World (1915).
"Aufbau (New York, N.Y.: (Online) " Aufbau Nachrichtenblatt des German-Jewish Club, Inc (1934).
"Australian Jewish News (Sydney Ed. : (Online)." The Australian Jewish News (1990).
"Baltimore Jewish Times." Baltimore Jewish Times (1962).
"Chicago Jewish Star." Chicago Jewish Star (1991).
"The Cleveland Jewish News." The Cleveland Jewish News (1964).
"Jerusalem Post" (Various vendors : (Online).
"Jewish Advocate (Boston, Mass. : (Online)." The Jewish Advocate (1909).
"Jewish Bulletin of Northern California." Jewish Bulletin of Northern California (2003).
"The Jewish Exponent." The Jewish Exponent (1887).
"Jewish Herald (Houston, Tex. : (Online)." The Jewish Herald (1908).
"Jewish Journal (Brooklyn, N.Y. : (Online)." Jewish Journal (1971).
"Jewish News of Greater Phoenix." Jewish News of Greater Phoenix (1993).
"The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California J." The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California J (2003).
"Jewish Press (Omaha, Neb. : (Online)." The Jewish Press (1920).
"The Jewish Week and the American Examiner." The Jewish Week and the American Examiner (1970).
"The New York Jewish Week." The New York Jewish Week (1982).
"Washington Jewish Week." Washington Jewish week (1983). 

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