AMES 3679: Religion and Society in Modern South Asia

Essential Resources

Each kind of research requires its own specific approach. To research the Religion and Society in Modern South Asia, you'll need to get into the Ames Library (in the sub-basement of Wilson) and work with print materials. When you find one good source, use the bibliography and footnotes in that book or article to lead you to other sources. Then use the bibliographies and footnotes in those other sources to lead you to still other sources, including both books and journal articles. This is often a more effective way of conducting research than using on-line sources, which may not be adequately specific to your topic. Searching the open Web is generally not a good way to find scholarly information for this class. However, more and more relevant scholarly information is appearing in more specialized databases. Below you will find resources to help you find scholarly information for your project.

Key Online Reference Sources


Research and Writing Assistance

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