Citing Sources

Citations are brief notations in the body of a research paper that point to a source in the bibliography or references cited section.

Why Cite

It is important to cite sources used in research for many reasons:

  • It shows that you have done the proper or thorough research of your topic by listing the sources of the information in your paper.  In addition it proves that you have read and understood what other researchers have to say about your topic.
  • Maintains scholarly integrity by giving credit to other authors and researchers and acknowledging their research/ideas.
  • You avoid plagiarism by quoting the words or ideas by other researchers. 
  • It provides resources to validate your theories/research or as an alternative, the sources can serve as a counterpoint or validation for further research on your topic.
  • Allows people to follow up on your research by finding and reading your sources.
  • Contributes to future research and scholarship.



Last Updated: Aug 11, 2023 1:53 PM