POL 4881: The Politics of International Law and Global Governance

Media Bias Chart

Ad Fontes' Interactive Media Bias Chart is one way to learn about media bias.  Learn more about their methodology here.

Lateral Reading

When evaluating a source found on the web, don't just look at the source. There are sites that may look very professional and credible that are actually promoting a certain agenda or viewpoint. If you are unfamiliar with the source, it is always a good idea to open a new tab and do a web search on the source and/or the organization that is providing it.  This is what is called "lateral" reading.

This short, online video from Mike Caulfield at Washington State University provides a good introduction:

What is Confirmation Bias?

How Journalists Minimize Bias

University of Minnesota students talk about avoiding fake news

To Learn More: Websites to Explore

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