Microform Collection Guide

On this page, you will find lists of titles or issuing agencies that correspond with the contents of the microfiche cabinets in Walter Library. 

Before you use the list below, note that these titles are searchable in Libraries Search.

Note that some of the following series are partially available online: the nine AGARD and RTO series, AIAA Papers, and Journal of Chemical Research.

Cabinets A, B, and C

Series Title Date Range
Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD)  
AGARD Advisory Report 1977-1998
AGARDograph 1994-1996
AGARD Conference Proceedings 1976-1998
AGARD Lecture Series 1976-1998
AGARD Report 1976-1998
AIAA Papers [American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics] 1963-2001
Accounts of Chemical Research. Supplementary Materials. 1980-1992
AAPG Field Trip Guidebook 1976
American Chemical Society. Division of Petroleum Chemistry. Preprints. 1984
Analytical Chemistry. Supplementary Materials. 1973-1998
Artificial Intelligence and Brain Theory : Technical Report Series. UMass – Amherst. Computer and Information Science Department. 1970-1986
Artificial Intelligence Memoranda : Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. MIT 1963-1979
Artificial Intelligence Memoranda : Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. MIT. Part II. 1979-1983
Artificial Intelligence Memoranda : Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Computer Science Dept. Stanford University. 1963-1982
Artificial Intelligence Research Papers. Department of Artificial Intelligence. University of Edinburgh. 1973-1986
Artificial Intelligence Research Reports. Carnegie-Mellon University. 1954-1984
Artificial Intelligence Research Reports. Laboratory for Computer Science Research. Rutgers University. 1970-1984
Artificial Intelligence Research Reports. University of Texas-Austin. 1959-1985
Artificial Intelligence Technical Reports : Artificial Intelligence Center. SRI International. 1968-1983
Artificial Intelligence Technical Reports. Bolt, Beranek, and Newman. 1960-1984
Artificial Intelligence Technical Reports. Knowledge Systems Laboratory. Stanford University. 1977-1985
Artificial Intelligence Technical Reports. Yale University. 1975-1985
Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Bulletin. 1970-1979
Biochemistry. Supplementary Material. 1971-1998
Bright Star Index.  
Bioconjugate Chemistry. 1991-1998
Catalogues compiled by the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre. [Royal Society’s British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine & Technology]. fiche numbers 32-60
Chemical Reviews. Supplementary Material. vol. 72, 76(5), and 77(2); 1972-1977
Chemistry of Materials. Supplementary Material. 1991-1998
Chemtech. Supplementary Material. vol. 9(9), 10(4), 10(6), 10(7), and 11(2)
Computer Journal (Cambridge) Index. 1972-1973
Computer Vision Technical Report. Center for Automation Research. University of Maryland. Part I. 1964-1983
Computer Vision Technical Report. Center for Automation Research. University of Maryland. Part II. 1964-1984
Computers and Geosciences. 1975-1978
Creative Manufacturing Engineering Program. See Technical Paper (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) in this list. 1977-1995
Current Reports / AI. report nos. 6-759; 1984-1985
Edmonton Geological Society. Field Trip Guidebook. 1959-1970
Energy and Fuels. 1991-1998
Environmental Geology Series. [Colorado Geological Survey]. 1975
Environmental Science and Technology. Supplementary Material. 1991-1998
Florida State University. [Sedimentological Research Laboratory. Contribution.] nos. 1-52
Geological Society of America. Bulletin. Part II. 1979-1981
Geological Society of America. Data Repository. 1974-1998
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. 1991-1998
Industrial Mineral Report. [Ontario Department of Mines]. 1971
IEEE Power Engineering Review. vol. 15(7), Jul1995
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. 43(7), Jul1995
Inorganic Chemistry. Supplementary Materials. [Easton, PA]. vol. 10 - 37(26), 1971-1998
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data. Supplementary Material. [Easton, PA] 1971-1998
Journal of Chemical Documentation. Supplementary Material. [Easton, PA] vol. 13 no. 1
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences. Supplementary Material. 1986-1998
Journal of Chemical Research (Miniprint).(?) 1977-2003
Journal of Chemical Research (Synopses).(?) 1977-1999
Journal of Chemical Research. 2004-2007+
Journal of Geophysical Research. A, B, C, D, E. 1999-2002
Journal of Geophysical Research. Supplemental. 1999
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Scattered, 1992-1996
Journal of Organic Chemistry. Supplementary Material / Supporting Information. 1970-1998
Journal of Physical Chemistry. Supplementary Material. 1971-1998
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Supplementary Material. 1970-1998
Langmuir. Supplementary Material. 1985-1998
Macromolecules. Supplementary Material. 1971-1998
Monthly Record [Canada. Atmospheric Environment Service : 1983]. 1983/01 – 1990/12
New Orleans Geological Society. Field Trip Guidebook. 1971-1975
Ontario Geological Survey. Miscellaneous Papers. 1984-5
Ontario Geological Survey. Study. study 26 – 55; 1984-1988
Organometallics. Supplementary Materials. 1982-1998
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (PRIP) Technical Reports. School of Electrical Engineering.Purdue University. 1964-1984
Report (Australia. Bureau of Mineral Resources. Geology & Geophysics). Report nos. 180-250, 1977-1985
Research & Technology Organisation (RTO). See AGARD in this list  
Rock Mechanics Progress Report. 1969-1970; report # 1-7
Rock Mechanics Research Report. report #1-16
Rock Mechanics Research Report. D. report # D1-D23
RTO (NATO Research & Technology Organisation). See AGARD in this list  
RTO AGARDograph 1999
RTO Lecture Series 1998-1999
RTO Meeting Proceedings 1999
RTO Technical Report 1999
Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Initial Report of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 1977-1983
SME Engineering Technical Paper. See Technical Paper (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) 1977-1995
Technical Paper (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). 3 drawers. Also known as “Creative Manufacturing Engineering Program” and “SME Engineering Technical Paper”

Cabinet D

US Department of Commerce

Series Title Call Number (?) Date Range
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)    
National Bureau of Standards (NBS)    
NBS Special Publications C 13.10  
NBS Handbook C 13.11  
NBS Monograph C 13.44  
NBS Technical Notes C 13.46  
NSRDS-NBS C 13.18  
NBS / NIST Interagency Reports (NBSIR / NISTIR) C 13.58 1980-1997
Geodynamics International / C 55.220/5  
World Data Center A    
Partially online. In Libraries Search, look for "Full Text" in HathiTrust links.
Soon to be online: TRAIL Digitization Project

US Geological Survey

Series Title Call Number (?)
Water-resource Investigation I 19.42
Open-file Report I 19.76
Partially online. In Libraries Search, look for "Full Text" in HathiTrust links.
Online (partial): Science.gov and the USGS Publications Warehouse.

US Bureau of Mines

Series Title Call Number (?) Series Abbreviation Date
Annual Report of the Director I 28 DAR
Bulletin I 28.3 B
Cooperative Publications I 28 Co-op Pub
Economic Paper I 28.38 EP
Handbook I 28 HB
Information Circular I 28.27 IC
List of Publications I 28.5/3 SP 2
Miner’s Circular I 28.6 MC
Mineral Commodity Summaries I 28.148 MCS
Mineral Perspectives I 28.37/2 MP
Minerals and Materials I 28.149 MM
Minerals Resources of the U.S. I 28.37 MR
Minerals Yearbook I 28.37 MY
Miscellaneous Publications I 28  
Monograph I 28.40 M
Notice of Research Projects I 28  
Open File Report I 28.155 OFR
Outside Publications I 28 OP
Presentation Reports I 28 PR
Report of Investigations I 28.23 RI
Special Publication I 28.157 SP
Technical Papers I 28 TP
Technical Progress Reports I 28.26/6 TPR
Technical Translations I 28 TT 1975-
Partially online. In Libraries Search, look for "Full Text" in HathiTrust links.
Online: TRAIL Digitization Project

Cabinet E

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Series Title Call Number (?) Report Numbers Date Range
Technical Memorandum NAS 1.15 (NASA-TM-4002) – (NASA-TM-210963) 1987-2001
Special Publication NAS 1.21 1989-1992  
Contractor Report NAS 1.26 (NASA-CR-2729) – (NASA-CR-203674) 1977-2002
Online (partial): Science.gov and the NASA Technical Reports Server.

Cabinet F

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Series Title Call Number (?) Report Numbers Date Range
Contractor Report NAS 1.26 (NASA-CR-2729) – (NASA-CR-203674) 1977-2002
Conference Publication NAS 1.55: (NASA-CP-2217) – (NASA-CP-209895) 1982-2000
Technical Paper NAS 1.60: (NASA-TP-1001) – (NASA-TP-211302) 1977-2001
Reference Publication NAS 1.61: (NASA-RP-1002) – (NASA-RP-1409) 1977-1997
Case (Patent) File NAS 1.71: (NASA-Case-ARC-#) – (NASA-Case-SSC-#)  
  NAS 1.83:    
Online (partial): Science.gov and the NASA Technical Reports Server.

National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA)

Series Title Abbreviation Date Range
Advanced Confidential Reports NACA-ACR 1941-1942
Advanced Restricted Reports NACA-ARR 1941-1942
Conference Papers NACA-CONF 1946-1956
Confidential Bulletin NACA-CB 1942
Restricted Bulletin NACA-RB 1942
Report NACA-R 1938-1950 ; (nos. 1 – 1392)
Memorandum Reports NACA-MR 1938-1950
Technical Notes NACA-TN (nos. 1 – 4410)
Technical Memorandum NACA-TM (nos. 1 – 1441)
Wartime Report NACA-WR NACA-WR-A-# through NACA-WR-Z-#
Research Memorandum NACA-RM Example report number: A6622
NACA Index (microfiche)   Index to the collection
Online (partial): Science.gov and the NASA Technical Reports Server.

Cabinets G through O

These Department of Energy contractor reports from various research facilities are uncataloged, so this is the only summary of our contents available. Many of them are available online through Science.gov.

DOE Research Facilities

Series Title Call Number (?) Date Range
Ames Laboratory E 1.99: IS 1978-1996
Argonne National Laboratory E 1.99: ANL or LS 1966-1996
Brookhaven National Laboratory E 1.99: BNL 1974-1996
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory E 1.99: FERMILAB or FNAL 1976-1996
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory E 1.99: LBL or LBNL 1973-1996
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory E 1.99: UCID or UCRL 1974-1996
Los Alamos National Laboratory E 1.99: LA 1975-1996
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (formerly Solar Energy Research Institute) E 1.99: SERI or NREL 1978-1996
Oak Ridge National Laboratory E 1.99: ORNL 1965-1996
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory E 1.99: PNL 1978-1995
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory E 1.99: PPPL 1976-1996
Sandia National Laboratories E 1.99: SAND 1974-1996
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory E 1.99: SLAC 1981-1996
Online (partial): Science.gov and the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).

Other DOE Report Series

Series Title Call Number (?) Date Range
Conference Proceedings E 1.99: CONF 1972-1996
Unsorted Reports with NTIS Accession Nos. E 1.99: PB 1966-1991
Online (partial): Science.gov and the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).

Cabinets P, Q, and R


Title Date Range
ACS Division of Fuel Chemistry. Preprints of Papers. 1957-1973
American Journal of Physics. 1933-1940
American Philosophical Society Transactions. volume 25-28, 1935-1936
American Physical Society : Bulletin. 1925-1984
Applied Solar Energy. volumes 1-7, 1965-1971
Astronomical Journal. 1849-1969
Berichte Der Bunsen – Gesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie. 1965-1967
Bibliography of Astronomy. 1881-1898
Boyle, Robert, Collections from the Royal Society Letters and Papers.  
Bulletin (American Astronomical Society). 1969-1984
Bush-Conant file relating to the development of the atomic bomb. 1940-1945
Chemical Marketing Reporter. 1972-2006
Chemiker Zeitung. 1955-1962
Correspondence (“Top Secret”) of the Manhattan Engineering District. 1942-1946
Edison, Thomas A. Papers.  
Engineering Journal. 1970-1972
FBI File on Albert Einstein.  
Franklin Institute, Records of the CSA of the  
Gazzetta Chimica Italiana. 1871-1951
Harrison-Bundy files relating to the development of the atomic bomb. 1942-1946
Herschel, Sir John, Royal Society Letters and Papers of  
ICIS Chemical Business. Americas. 2007-2009
Industrial Revolution : a documentary history.  
J. Robert Oppenheimer FBI Security File.  
Journal of Applied Physics. 1931-1967
Manhattan Project : official history & documents.  
Mexican Mining. volume 12
Millikan. The Robert Andrews Millikan Collection.  
Monatschefte für Chemie und Verwandte Teile Anderer Wissenschaften. 1880-1973
Monthly Weather Review. 1872-1965
Newton, Sir Isaac, MSS and Papers.  
Newton, Sir Isaaci Newtoni, eq. aur. in academia cantabrigiensi matheseos… 1729
Nucleonics. 1947-1965
Oil, Paint, and Drug Reporter. 1900-1947
Physical Review. Series 1. 1893-1912
Physical Review. Series 2. 1913-1969
Physics Bulletin. 1950-1978
Physics and Chemistry of Solids. 1956-1963
Physikalische Blätter. 1971-1983
Proceedings of the Physical Society (London). 1874-1967
Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Poys-Bas et de la Belgique. 1890-1970
Royal Society : Council Meetings. 1660-1800
Royal Society : the early letters and classified papers. 1660-1740
Royal Society : Journal of Books of Scientific Meetings. 1660-1800
Royal Society : Miscellaneous Manuscripts. 1986-1997
Scientist. 1986-1997
Sewage Works Journal. 1949-1959
Sloane, Hans, papers of. History of Science & Technology. series 1
Soil Science. 1916-1972
Traffic Engineering and Control. 1960-1966
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Manhattan District. Manhattan District History.  
Zeitschrift für Elektrochemie. (also see “Berichte der Bunsen” … in this list)
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