Data Visualization

Infographics overview

Infographics, or information graphics, are illustrative representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Well-crafted infographics can support learning by using graphics to enhance the human eye's ability to see patterns and trends. Poorly crafted infographics can lead to misunderstanding and misinformation.

This page is adapted with permission from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Libraries

Planning your infographic

inforgraphic worksheet screenshotGreat design follows from good process. This worksheet will take you through important steps in planning your infographic.

Sample infographics


Sample infographic

Questions to consider when looking at infographics

infographic about infographics


Infographic About Infographics infographic by infolicious.

When analyzing the infographics, answer and annotate evidence of the following:

  • What is the focus of the infographic?
  • What is the author’s purpose?
  • How does the author demonstrate authority or knowledge of the subject?
  • How do the visual elements support understanding or analysis?
  • If you could improve this infographic, what might you illustrate differently?

Questions are from Piktochart. 

Infographic tools

Infographic Tools



Visme provides a variety of infographic templates and other presentation designs such as slide shows and web banners. Their mission is to provide "easy (and powerful) tools to manage and empower your online presence." Visme uses a drag and drop method that allows you to easily place items on your poster exactly where you want them. 

  • Wide range of content

  • Web-based formats

  • Can be animated

  • 100+ fonts and thousands of content options

  • Private presentations and collaboration only available on premium accounts

  • Limited number of free templates

  • Still in beta mode, meaning that there are still some bugs

  • Bigger learning curve due to the fact that it is so customizable has become a leader in the data visualization field. It is especially good for web content and specializes in interactive charts, graphs, and maps. It can also be connected with a Google account to create live data which automatically updates when changes are made to the source material. A free plugin makes it easy to incorporate your material into a Wordpress blog. 

  • Over 40 fonts to choose from

  • Unlimited storage

  • User-friendly design

  • A variety of tutorials are available

  • Can import data directly from a spreadsheet

  • Download only available through premium account
  • Limited number of free templates
  • Limited customization possibilities

Piktochart was one of the earliest infographics websites created. In addition to infographs, piktochart allows you to create brochures, banners, presentations, and reports. Its ability adjust embedded material to multiple screen sizes sets this site apart from other infographic creators. Imbedded charts can also have multiple interactive elements, making the infographic more dynamic.

  • Social sharing options
  • Many tutorials available
  • Color schemes take the guess work out of making an attractive infograph
  • Piktochart allows you to make charts, presentations, posters, and videos
  • No way to organize individual projects or link pages together
  • Limited flexibility or customization
  • Only able to upload 10 images with the free version
  • Limited variety of free templates

Canva's goal was to make graphic design more accessible to everyday users. One way it does this is by having color pallets and font combinations to choose from. With a library of over 1 million items, it is pretty easy to find a graphic or photo that works for any project. 


  • Simple interface with a drag-and-drop function
  • Video tutorials posted by the company itself
  • Can create transparent templates
  • Can group designs in folders
  • The images and photos are not separated based on free vs charged content
  • The library of images is so vast it can be difficult to find a specific item
  • Unable to upload custom fonts with free account
  • Custom templates, color pallets, and custom fonts are only available with premium accounts's goal is to enable novices to create infographs without the hassle of having to learn a complex system. they intentionally mirrored Microsoft Word in order to reduce the learning curve and create an intuitive experience. All of their features are clearly labeled with large buttons that are easy to identify and use.

  • Simplified layering process
  • A search feature which locates stock photos that can be integrated onto your project - no need to worry about copyright!
  • A lock feature prevents elements from being moved
  • Webinars and articles to improve your understanding of infographic design
  • Group feature to enable sharing and collaboration
  • Only 12 templates available in the free account
  • Limited number of graphics
  • Easy to grab the wrong object when objects are placed near or on each other
  • Only available in seven sizes


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