Start a research project with Knovel - tutorial

Searching Knovel: Material properties


In this walk-through, you will:

  • search for a material in Knovel
  • apply a property to a material


Step 1: Go to Knovel

Go to Knovel.

If necessary, login with your UMN credentials.

Tip: You are not required to create an account with Knovel


Step 2: Open Material Property Search

In the Property Search tab, follow the link to the Material Property Search.


Step 3: Search for a material

For this example we will search for fiberglass.

Notice the result count updates automatically.


Step 4: Filter by property

In the Filter by Property Name box, enter a property for the material.

In this example, we will enter tensile strength.


Step 5: Apply the property to your material

Drag the property tensile strength from the right column to the left column, beneath fiberglass.



You have searched for a material in Knovel and applied a property.

You are now able to:

  • search for a material in Knovel
  • apply a property to the material

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Last Updated: Jul 10, 2023 3:15 PM