Digital preservation program at the Libraries

Digital preservation at the Libraries

The need to develop strategy and take action in the area of digital preservation and data archiving has grown significantly in the Libraries and at the University in recent years. In response, the Libraries aspire to take a campus leadership role in digital preservation and data archiving.

This work is accomplished through the delivery and support of robust high quality discovery, access, management, and preservation systems, achieved in coordination with relevant Libraries’ and campus departments, and other University and external partners and collaborators.

The mission is to provide contemporary and enduring access to digital objects under the collection stewardship of the University Libraries, through the application of professional digital preservation methodologies, standards, and technologies.

Digital Preservation Framework

The foundational document addressing how the Libraries approach digital preservation. Available to view online and as a printable PDF.

Practices and activities


Learn more about planning and development activities and the internal and external collaborations and partnerships.



Digital preservation is supported by our preservation strategies and implementation activities. Including preservation actions and preferred file formats.


Tool Guides

Created by University of Minnesota Libraries staff, instructional guides on how to use various digital preservation tools are provided as resources for others.



Digital preservation related terms used in the Digital Preservation Framework and across this website are defined in this glossary.

Access repositories

Materials the Libraries is responsible for preserving can be found in various locations including:

Contact us

If you have any questions about digital preservation at the University of Minnesota Libraries please contact the digital preservation team at and we will be happy to assist you.

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