Working with the Libraries on preserving digital materials

Preserving digital materials at the Libraries

The University Libraries works to preserve the many different types of assets the Libraries is responsible for as well digital assets from selected projects.  

Digital assets take up space, just as physical materials do.  Because of this we must be conscience of what we are agreeing to preserve over time.  Certain materials, such as those that represent the University, we are required to preserve, others like materials produced from grants do not directly fall into our responsibility.  However, materials from grants and other special projects may be added into our repository.

Contact the department ( to discuss preserving digital materials for the long-term.

Requirements for preservation

Learn more about the requirements for preserving materials at the Libraries including preferred file formats and how to estimate storage needs.  


Preserving grant materials

If you are working on a grant proposal that will produce digital materials review the guidance under Preservation of grant projects.  An agreement will document what materials will require long-term preservation.  

Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023 8:41 AM