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This guide covers search tools for finding music materials.

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Tips for using A-R Music Anthology

The A-R Music Anthology is a great place to look for scores AND peer-reviewed articles on individual composers, styles, and pieces!

The search interface gives users the option to limit by period (antiquity through 20th century), genre (looking for opera? Motets? Jazz? Use the options in this list to browse the Anthology's holdings), and even to browse by form and texture (this is especially helpful if you have a set ensemble and are looking for rep!):

An image of the A-R Music Anthology interface with several search limiters highlighted: genre, period, and quick search by composer.

This is a new and growing resource, so browsing by composer name is also a helpful way to search its contents. Use the "Quick Search By Composer" option at the bottom of the search interface to see what's included.

All of the A-R Music Anthology scores are newly-engraved, and users can print directly from the interface:

An image of a score in the A-R Music Anthology reader, with the print icon in the upper left corner circled.

The inclusion of peer-reviewed articles on composers, pieces, genres, and styles is also extremely helpful! By choosing a period from the A-R Music Anthology search interface, you can see a list of all of the articles included in the resource:

An image of the A-R Music Anthology interface with the search limiter for Period set to "Classical"; the search results show a list of the articles and commentaries included in the resource.

The A-R Music Anthology is continuously growing, so check back often for new articles and scores.

Tips for using Classical Scores Library

Classical Scores Library is a great resource for finding thousands of digital scores, from medieval music through compositions from the 21st century. The search interface offers a number of ways to find content: you can browse by genre, time period, composer, and more, or you can search for a known item. Just remember to use the search box in the MIDDLE of the page (not the one at the top!):

An image of the Classical Scores Library interface with the options to browse by genre, time period, and composer highlighted. The search box in the middle of the page is circled and the one at the top of the page has an X over it to remind users to use the search box in the middle of the page to navigate this resource.


After searching in Classical Scores Library, you'll see a list of results - click the link under a piece's title to see the score for that piece:

An image of the Classical Scores Library search results screen with a link to a score that under an individual piece circled.


The scores interface in Classical Scores Library offers the option to print, but the score will include an Alexander Street Press watermark. Classical Scores Library also provides helpful information for citing the score:

An image of the Classical Scores Library score reader with the printer icon highlighted.

Questions? Need help?

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