A guide for learning about and getting started on projects in the libraries makerspaces.

What is multimedia?

Multimedia includes the use of digital items to produce content or replicate and manipulate photos and videos. There are a variety of multimedia services on campus, and below are some of the items offered in the makerspaces.

Our equipment and tools

Portable tools

Axidraw SE/A3

  • Digital drawing tool

OrangeMonkie Foldio LightBox

  • Take photos with perfect lighting

Audio Recorders

  • Available through media services

Video Recorders

  • Available through media services


Virtual reality




HTC Vive

  • Corded/anchored to a specific location.
  • Breakerspace tool

Oculus Go

  • Portable equipment
  • Breakerspace tool

HTC Vive Pro

  • HSL Makerspace tool

Magic Leap One

  • HSL Makerspace tool

Additional resources

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021 11:21 AM