Intro to designing conference posters

A guide to help students design effective conference posters using PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Before printing

First, decide where you want to have your poster printed. The table below can help you find a location near campus if you don't already have a place in mind. Once you've decided where you will have your poster printed, and find out if they have any size or file type requirements or limitations (e.g. do they want a PDF file? JPG file? certain dimensions?). 

Printing locations

Service Location(s) Price(s) 36" x 48" 36" x 56"
Check with college/department first        
University Imaging Center Jackson Hall (Minneapolis)
Snyder Hall (St. Paul
$6.00 / ft² $72 $84
Borchert Map Library Wilson Library $25 / ft² $100 $116.50
U of M Printing Services Coffman Union
Social Sciences Tower
St. Paul Student Center
Mayo Building
$8 / ft² $96.77 $144.25
FedEx Office 612 Washington Avenue SE
(Stadium Village)
$7.25 / ft² $87 $101.35
Spoonflower (print on fabric) online Starts at
$15.57 / yd


Oversized posters

PowerPoint allows for a maximum of 56" for page setup. For a larger poster:

  • Set your poster size at half (1/2) your final size
  • Have it printed at 200% magnification

For example, if you set your poster for 47" x 21" and print it at 200% magnification, then your final poster size will be 94" x 42".

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023 2:14 PM