SSM 4506W: Sustainable Systems Management Capstone

This guide provides relevant information sources for the SSM 4506W Capstone course.

Getting started

Additional databases

Search tips

The following search tips tend to work across different databases: 

  • Use the word AND to link concepts together: cardboard AND mulch
  • Use the word OR with parentheses to search for synonyms: cardboard AND (mulch OR compost)
  • Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase: “Waste Reduction Model”
  • Use an asterisk to search for multiple endings of a root word: reduc* - to find reduce, reducing, reduction

When searching Google, try adding the following to your topical keywords:

  • site:gov, or site:edu, etc.: get results from that specific site type/domain
  • filetype:pdf: get only PDFs as results
  • Add keywords for the type of source you are looking for, for example: data, statistics, report

Citing sources

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