GSD3451W/RUSS 3311W: Major Project Seminar

Use this to assist you with completing your assignments for GSD 3451W/RUSS 3311W: Major Project Seminar

Tips for Finding News

  1. To find or browse for articles from a specific newspaper or news magazine, first search by title of the newspaper or magazine in the UMN Library Catalog. If you can't find it there, search Libraries Search or in one of the news databases below.                   
  2. For articles on a particular topic or person, use Libraries Search or in one of the news databases below.   
  3. For Russian, you may need to transliterate your terms from Cyrillic to Latin characters. 
  4. For German, don't forget umlauts. "uber" will not bring up "über" in some databases. For "ß," use "ss"
  5. If you can't find an article online, make an article request via interlibrary loan/digital delivery. 

World News Databases

Below are world news databases which contain content in Dutch German, Scandinavian/Nordic, Russian, and other languages.

German-language News

Russian-language News

News from Scandinavia and Finland

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