GER 8300: BLACK - Red - Gold: the African Diaspora & Germany

Use this to assist you with completing your assignments for GER 8300: BLACK - Red -Gold: the African Diaspora & Germany

Tips for Finding Books and Book Chapters


  1. When looking for books and book chapters
    1. First, search Libraries Search and/or the Library Catalog which will show what UMN Libraries have.
    2. If not found, then search WorldCat which includes materials held at other libraries. Click on "Request via Interlibrary Loan" to make a request.
  2. What is the difference between Libraries Search and the Library Catalog?  Libraries Search includes all items in the Library Catalog but it also includes articles. The Library Catalog includes print books, eBooks, DVDs, journals, and other formats but NOT articles. 
  3. With Advanced Searching, you can limit results to a specific languge, date range and more. 
  4. To limit to eBooks, use the limits on the right and select "books" and "available online."
  5. If you can't find a book chapter, you can submit a book chapter request via interlibrary loan. You'll get a PDF scan usually within a week. This is a look quicker than requesting the whole book. 
  6. You can request digital delivery scans of parts of books in UMN Collections. To do so fill out an interlibrary loan/digital delivery request


Below are some sample searches in Libraries Search. Use the limits on the right to narrow the results further. 

Other Major Library Catalogs

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