How to get to full text from on and off campus

How to find a full text journal article in the Libraries search


Sign in to Libraries search


Select Download PDF for the article you want to read.

This will take you directly to the full text of the article inside one of the library databases.


Additional Option

You can also select Online Access to find the specific databases that have your article


Select a link for one of the databases that has your article.




After selecting a database link, you will be directed to the article.

Look for a "Download PDF" link.




Need Help?

The database link is not taking me to the article!

Sometimes the database access link will only take you to the journal page, rather than the specific article page. Then, you can look back at the catalog record to find what year, volume, and issue number the article you want is in, and on the journal website, look for a way to “view all journal issues,” and navigate to the right volume and issue number. Then look for the correct article title and the “Download PDF” option.

Only search for one or two minutes -- if you still can't get to article you need, copy and paste the source title, journal, date, year, etc. into the email or chat box. The Libraries staff can look it up and send you a link!

I'm not getting a link to any databases!

If you are still having problems, go to the main library page and use the green “24/7 Chat” button to get help right away from a librarian. We can work to find the articles or material and email it or let you know more about how to get it.

Last Updated: Oct 4, 2023 2:17 PM