How to get to full text from on and off campus

Getting to the full text of journal articles and books

The University of Minnesota Libraries has access to millions of resources. You can find many of these resources available in full-text online. 

This guide gives some tips and tricks to using different resources to get to full-text.

If the Libraries do not own the article or item, you can request it and we will try to get it from another library and deliver it to you online. 

Accessing articles from off campus using the proxy bookmarklet

Many online journals and databases require subscriptions (which the U of M Libraries pay for) to get access. If you are off campus, then you need to be routed through the Libraries' proxy server. One way to do this is the proxy bookmarklet -- a little code that helps a website know you are affiliated with the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and our collections. Read more about how to install the proxy bookmarklet into your browser toolbar.

Last Updated: Oct 4, 2023 2:17 PM