MUS 1804: World Music

Looking audio content from a range of genres? Check out streaming services available through the Libraries!

The University of Minnesota Libraries offers access to a number of options for finding streaming audio. Check below this list for more information on how to use several of these resources!

Another option for streaming recordings: BBC Radio 3 - Music Planet

Smithsonian Global Sound and Contemporary World Music

The interface for the Smithsonian Global Sound and Contemporary World Music databases looks similar - you can browse by title, genre, place, performer, and more. Use the search box in the middle of the page (not the one at the top!) to search in individual collections, and sign up for a free account to make playlists and create clips by clicking the "Sign in" icon at the top right corner:

Image of the Smithsonian Global Sound database, one of the Alexander Street Press suite of audio databases. The options for browsing by genre, place, performer, composer, and more are highlighted, and the search box in the middle of the page for searching the individual collection is circled (the search box at the top of the screen is crossed out because users should avoid using this). Lastly, the "Sign in" icon at the top right of the screen is circled.

Liner notes can be a great resource for your research! In Classical Music Library, Jazz Music Library, and Smithsonian Global Sound, you can find these accompanying select recordings by clicking on the "Related Documents" tab and locating the link to download the PDF of that recording's liner notes: 

An image of the Alexander Street Press interface with arrows pointing towards the "Related Documents" tab and the link to download a PDF of a recording's liner notes.

Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music Library is a great place to find hundreds of thousands of streaming audio tracks. The Naxos interface allows you to search for something specific; to browse by category (concerto, opera, ballet, blues, and many more); and to discover new music by checking out Naxos's suggested albums. If you're looking for a playlist created for your UMN Music History class by a faculty member, you'll also find these linked from the Naxos Music Library homepage.

An image of the Naxos Music Library homepage with arrows pointing to the search box in the upper right corner and the Playlists link in the left-side menu for accessing Music History course playlists created by UMN faculty.

Once you open an album in Naxos Music Library , select individual tracks or the whole album and start the player by clicking the large "Play" button on the right side of the screen. Many albums also include PDF versions of liner notes, which are great resources for music research! If there's a link that says "Booklet" on the left side of the screen, click it and you'll be directed to a PDF of the album's booklet. Lastly, Naxos gives you the information you'll need to cite the resource you're using; check for this under "Album Information" on the left side of the screen.

Image of the Naxos Music Library item-level interface, highlighting where to click to select individual tracks or a whole album; the play button to open the NML player; the link to access a PDF version of album liner notes; and where to check for album information to be able to cite the source.

Not finding what you need?

The streaming audio databases linked above include lots of content, but not everything. If you're not finding what you're looking for, try these other options:

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