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A guide to finding newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, and other news sources at the UMN Libraries.

Minnesota Newspapers

Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Paul Pioneer Press
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Microfilm Collections in Wilson Library (not available online)

Microfilm collections of historical newspapers are found in the Newspaper Room of the Wilson Library (basement level). The Minnesota related historical newspapers available are listed below. You can access the microfilm equipment to view, print, or scan articles. [insert link about using microfilms] 


  • Evening Journal (1881-1888) 
  • Minneapolis Journal (1888-1939)
  • Minneapolis Daily Star (scattered issues between 1934-1939) 
  • Minneapolis Star-Journal (1939-1947)
  • Minneapolis Star (1947-1982) 
  • Minneapolis Tribune (1964-1982) 
  • Minneapolis Star and Tribune (1982-1987)
  • Star Tribune (1987-present) 
  • Minneapolis Daily Tribune (1867-1876) 
  •  Minneapolis Tribune (1876-1877) 
  • Tribune (Minneapolis, MN; 1877-1882)
  • Daily Minnesota Tribune (1882-1884)
  • Minneapolis Daily Tribune (1884-1886) 
  • Minneapolis Tribune (1886-1909)
  • Minneapolis Morning Tribune (1909-1930) 
  • Minneapolis Tribune (1930-1939)
  • Minneapolis Morning Tribune (1939-1964)


  • Pioneer and Democrat (1860-1862)
  • Saint Paul Pioneer (1862-1867)
  • Saint Paul Daily Pioneer (1867-1875)
  • Saint Paul Daily Pioneer-Press (1875-1876) 
  • Pioneer-Press and Tribune (1976) 
  • Pioneer Press (1876-1879)
  • Daily Pioneer Press (1879-1909)
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press (1909-1984)
  • St. Paul Dispatch (1985-1990)
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch (1985-1990)

Additional Indexes and Bibliographies

Digital images of index cards containing the newspaper location of historic events. Use these index cards to look-up different historical articles, events, and other publications in past newspapers. 

Minnesota Indexes (physical copies) 

Available at Wilson Library: 

1891-1928. Minneapolis Journal Index--Wilson Rare Books Folio AI21 .M52x
1940-1945  Minneapolis Tribune Index--Wilson Reference quarto AI21 .M54
1964-1970  Minneapolis Star & Tribune Index--Wilson Reference AI21 .M53 
1971-1981  Minneapolis Tribune and Minneapolis Star Index--Wilson Reference AI21 .M53  
1982-1986  Minneapolis Star & Tribune Index--Wilson Reference AI21 .M53

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