Stressbusters and end-of-semester services

Resources to help your mental, physical and general wellbeing throughout the academic year. Explore the navigation on the left to find more.

Academic Success Centers (peer tutoring and more)

These services are designed to:

  • Boost your confidence as a student
  • Help you stay on top of your coursework
  • Offer a deeper understanding of the content
  • Connect you to peers who know tips and tricks for various courses 
  • Teach you effective study strategies and time management

Get help from the U Libraries - Online!

Exam Jam - Peer tutoring

Exam Jam.

Find extra tutoring, writing help, study workshops, and other resources to help you succeed, all available at no cost. Learn more about Exam Jam.

Peer Tutoring

Finish the semester strong by spending time with a peer tutor!  Additional tutoring hours are available in December. 

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE)

MCAE tutors are available to help you prepare for finals. Schedule your session now! Tutors for Econ, Math, CSCI, English, and Writing will be present!

Student Writing Support

Writing consultations are available to refine those final papers. Schedule an appointment before times fill up, and be sure to check regularly for the possibility of new and same-day appointments in the event of cancellations or rescheduling.

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