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How to edit your reading list

To create sections in a reading list:

  1. Click "New Section."
  2. Add a title for your section. The description and dates are optional.
  3. Click "Create" when you are done.
  4. Repeat to add more sections.

New section button

Sections can be expanded or collapsed using the toggle section view icon located near the top of the page.

To reorder sections, make sure the sections are collapsed first before dragging them on the right-hand side. 

Sections can be edited by clicking the "..." button on the right-hand side and selecting "Edit Section."


Deleting Items

Click the "..." button and select "Delete item."

Delete item menu

Sorting Citations

There are three options for sorting citations within a list: Sort All to sort an entire list,  Drag and Drop to reorder citations (or entire sections within the list) via clicking and dragging, and Clipboard to move groups of citations.

Sort All

At the top right-hand corner of the reading list, click on "..." and you will find "Order Citations in All Sections." This gives the option of sorting citations by title or author.

Citation order menu

Drag and Drop

If you hover your mouse over a citation you will see a blue bar with two lines at the far right side of the box. Place your mouse over the blue bar, click and hold to move the citation within the section or to another section in the reading list. 

Drag blue bar on right of citation


Click the menu button on the right-hand side of a citation and select "Add to clipboard." Continue adding citations and when you are ready to move them scroll to where you want to place the citation(s) and choose to either Move or Copy.

Add to clipboard menu option


My Collection

If you would like to add the same material in multiple lists, you can add items from your Collection. 

  1. To add an item from a reading list to your collection, click "..." for that selected reading then "copy to my collection."
  2. To add item from My Collection to a reading list, click "add items" and "My Collection." You can select which section to add it to or drag and drop the citation.
Copy to collection menu item


Additional Editing Options

Click on the resource to view other editing options.

  • You can add a public note to communicate information to students such as page numbers or reminders. Citation public notes are visible when viewing the reading list.
  • You can add a private note, which will only appear to list owners; ie. instructors, instructional designers, TAs, or other approved administrative staff.


Editing a resource list

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