Stressbusters and end-of-semester services

Resources to help your mental, physical and general wellbeing throughout the academic year. Explore the navigation on the left to find more.

Library hours during the end of semester

Extended study hours for finals

Walter Library (east bank): (view more hours)
Walter Library will be open 24/7 starting at 8 am on Friday, April 26 to Wednesday, May 8 at 8pm. Note: Only the second floor is open during extended study hours. (To enter the building during extended hours use your UCard at the small, gray scanner box at the middle door on the Mall slide or on left railing on Pleasant St. entrances).  

Magrath Library (St. Paul): (view hours)
Extended study area: Monday-Thursday 7am to 2am; Friday's 7am to midnight; Saturday's 10am to midnight; Sunday's 10am to 2am. (bring your Ucard)

Other libraries open regular semester hours 

Wilson Library (west bank): (view more hours): 
Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm; Friday's 8am-6pm; Saturday's 10am-6pm; Sunday's Noon-10 p.m.

Health Sciences Library (east bank): (view more hours): 
Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm; Friday's 8am-6pm; Saturday's Noon-6pm; Sunday's Noon-9pm

Tip: Bring your U card and make a plan for a free walk to your residence hall, bus, apartment, or car after you are done studying! Available 24/7 from 624-WALK (612-624-9255) or try the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App.

Surviving finals and research papers

What are your end of semester goals? Do you want to be more productive? Get motivated?

Join us for a free online workshop:

  • Finals Stress Buster: Meditation in Virtual Reality (VR) workshop on Thursday, April 25 from 5-6pm in Health Sciences Education Center 5-132. With final exams coming up, there’s no better time to gain new self-care skills. Take a break from studying and, in just 15 minutes, learn how to use guided meditation tools in virtual reality. You can then use these tools at home with a VR headset borrowed from the Health Sciences Library!
  • ONLINE: End-of-semester - study tips and tricks (bonus: use AI tools to help!) on Friday, April 26 at 12:15-12:45 pm on Zoom
    Ready for finals? Have final papers and projects or a mountain of homework to finish up? Do you need some new study tips and tricks to help finish the semester strong? In this online workshop, reflect on your semester so far and make a study plan for the rest of the semester whether you have papers, finals or other types of assignments. Learn new time management techniques and how to study most effectively using proven brain-based methods. We will also share tips for using AI tools to help you get it done! 

Take a Break: PAWS at Wilson Library

Monthly PAWS sessions at Wilson Library feature registered therapy animal teams—including dogs, chickens, and other domestic animals like cats and rabbits—that you are welcome to interact with and pet. No registration or fee — just show up and pet away. Try PAWS (Pet Away Worry & Stress) at Wilson Library on:

  • Thurs, April 25 anytime from 11:30-1:30
  • Thurs, May 2 anytime 11:30 - 1:30 

Tea & Treats at the Health Sciences Library 

Join us for Stressbusters Tea & Treats on Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 2 from 11:00am-2:00pm at our service desk on the 5th floor of PWB. Grab a cup of tea (caffeinated and herbal), a treat and free ear plugs. We will have coloring, fidget toys, and colorful post-its to share positive messages.

Need a complete break from cramming? Check out the Health Sciences Library Makerspace for button making, 3D printing, vinyl stickers, sewing, or to make a card. The Virtual Reality (VR) Studio is open for enjoying gaming apps, along with tai chi, meditation, and other stress relieving/wellness apps. The Makerspace and VR Studio are open Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00-7:00pm and Wednesday and Friday from 12:00-5:00pm.

Join us! Bring a friend! Long Night Against Procrastination

Join us for: UMN Libraries Long Night Against Procrastination

Wednesday, April 24 anytime from 6:30pm to 9:30pm 

Wilson Library (West Bank)

Do you have a final project you’re working on? Are you catching up on assignments before the end of the semester? Just need to focus?

Join us for a Long Night Against Procrastination! Get stuff done during structured work time and built-in study breaks with snacks and activities. Don’t miss the late night pizza! Bring your friends and something to work on.

M Food Co will be providing coffee and treats to get things started. Take an “art” break with the Weisman Art Museum and the WAM student Collective.

Exam Jam - Peer tutoring

Exam Jam.

Find extra tutoring, writing help, study workshops, and other resources to help you succeed, all available at no cost. Learn more about Exam Jam.

Peer Tutoring

Finish the semester strong by spending time with a peer tutor!  Additional tutoring hours are available in December. 

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE)

MCAE tutors are available to help you prepare for finals. Schedule your session now! Tutors for Econ, Math, CSCI, English, and Writing will be present!

Student Writing Support

Writing consultations are available to refine those final papers. Schedule an appointment before times fill up, and be sure to check regularly for the possibility of new and same-day appointments in the event of cancellations or rescheduling.

Sensory room in Wilson Library

The University Libraries is excited to welcome the first on-campus Sensory Room. This space promotes calm and focus, especially for people who are overwhelmed by sensory input, and/or those who need a sensory outlet to maintain focus. It can also just be a relaxing place to work or study individually or with others.

The Sensory Room is available to all students and employees of the University and includes adjustable lighting, a sit/stand desk, exercise ball, fidgets, weighted lap pad, wobble seat, pillows, and more. The space is in the basement of Wilson Library (West Bank) and can be reserved for up to two hours per day. Check out the room key at the first-floor service desk at the time of your reservation.

The sensory room was created in response to a student request and designed with student input throughout the process. Contact Lacie McMillin with questions or feedback.

Reflection and wellness spaces in the Libraries

These spaces are intended for meditation, quiet reflection, and wellness. The reflection rooms were created in response to student request and designed with input from several campus student organizations.

The reflection and wellness rooms are available for use by all students, instructors and staff of the University and include rugs, pillows, and chairs. These spaces are technology-free areas, and are not for individual or group study. For students looking for study space, Wilson Library has a sensory-friendly room available to reserve up to two hours per day.

The Libraries reflection and wellness rooms include: 

  • The Wilson Library Reflection Room includes a sink and is available on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • The Walter Library Reflection Room can be reserved in advance for up to 30 minutes at a time. Visit the Walter 2nd floor service desk at the time of your reservation to pick up a key.
  • The Health Sciences Library Wellness Room can be reserved in advance for up to 30 minutes at a time. Visit the Health Sciences Library - 5th floor service desk at the time of your reservation to pick up a key.

Please contact Phil Dudas ( with questions.

We're here for you!

The Libraries are still here to help you de-stress throughout the academic year, especially during midterms and finals! While we aren't able to provide our usual activities, this guide contains some ideas we've come up with for helping you relax between your study sessions.

Check out the list of activities and let us know which are most helpful by connecting with us on social media. 


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