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Can you build a citation from a CD?

According to our style guide, here is how we build a citation for a CD recording:

Composer Last Name, First Name. Recording Title. Performer/Group/Conductor Name(s). Recorded Month Day, Year (if applicable). Record Label Name #, Release Year. Recording Format.

For example:

Takemitsu, Töru. "Voice for Solo Flutist." On Sound & Repercussion: New Music for Solo Flute. Linda Wetherill, flute. Furious Artisans FACD6804, 2000. CD.

Tips for citing CDs

  • Distinguish between the recording date and the release date.
    • Look for the © copyright symbol for the release date.
    • The copyright symbol (©) might appear on the back cover, or on the CD itself.
  • Don’t forget to include performer names, if applicable. These may appear:
    • on the front cover
    • on the back cover
    • within the booklet
    • or on the CD itself.
  • The record label name and number can be hard to find. Check for these:
    • on the CD itself
    • on the spine of the case
    • or in the top or bottom corners of the back cover
    • Usually these are a string of numbers and letters (e.g SBK 46544)

Build a citation: Compact Disc (CD)

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