Podcasting Guide

This guide is designed to give users a background on podcasting, and information on upcoming workshops. Information here supports what is learned in the workshops.

General editing tips

Repeatable elements make editing easier.

The following elements of your podcast structure can be recorded just once, and used repeatedly throughout all your episodes. You can also use the same music in every episode which also cuts down on your editing time after the first episode is created!

  • Intro (e.g. "Welcome to the Podcast about Podcasts, where we teach you about Podcasts in a Podcast...")
  • Midroll promoting social media-- with the exception of if you have ad placements; these may periodically change
  • Outro (e.g. "This has been another episode of the Podcast about Podcasts. We post new episodes every Friday, so see you next week!")
Take out fine details like "um" and other noises.
  • These will often look like bearskin rugs on the recording in your editing software.
  • Generally speaking, you should always do a background noise reduction in your recording as well, just in case any ambient noise snuck in!

Remember, if you're bored, your audience will be bored! Always listen to your recording before posting to be sure it is engaging, free from odd audio hiccups, or any other imperfections.


Editing resources

Set up an appointment with a specialist in the Toaster Innovation Hub.
Looking for sample files for editing practice? We've recorded some for you!

Looking for music or sound effects?

Still have questions? Contact us at breakerspace@umn.edu.

Editing Software

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