Profiles in Teaching and Learning with Student Media Projects

This online gallery highlights a diversity of student created projects that Library Media Services has supported over the years. More in-depth description of each project can be found on secondary pages.

Reflecting and Communicating Internship Experiences

Since the fall of 2016, student in Making the Most of Your Professional Experience (CFANS 3096), taught by Mari Ruddy, Mary Vidas, Meaghan Stein, Britney Hayes and Gina Brewington, have created brief videos designed to reflect and communicate their semester-long internship experiences primarily via YouTube and LinkedIn. These videos are geared towards professional audiences, including potential employers, graduate school admissions, and other individuals in their chosen fields.

Fall 2016 Example Videos (See also: YouTube Playlists for: Spring 2017 ; Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Produced by Emily Leyer


Produced by Lindsey Grauman

Produced by Miranda Larson

Produced by Rebecca Steen

Produced by Tom Schulz

Learning Objectives

This assignment is designed to help the students make meaning of their experience and provides thenm with a tangible take-away from the internship and course.

Demonstrated Learning Benefits
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Subject Knowledge Acquired
Communicating internship work experience.

Soft Skill Set Acquired
Presentation, public speaking skills
Video production-editing skill sets
Audio/visual mixed media composition
Voice over (scripting)
Media Literacy (media arts approach: video production)

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Course Assignment Documentation

Digital Storytelling Assignment

CFANS 3096 Syllabi

Support Resources
Media production course outreach support was offered by Media Outreach Librarian, Scott Spicer and Virtual Reference and Digital Media Equipment Coordinator, Wanda Marsolek.

Custom course student media support production guide developed by Scott Spicer.

Student Production Support from the Libraries/SMART Learning Commons
1:Button Studios (Magrath Library)
Media Prodcution Support (Magrath Library)

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