Profiles in Teaching and Learning with Student Media Projects

This online gallery highlights a diversity of student created projects that Library Media Services has supported over the years. More in-depth description of each project can be found on secondary pages.

Communicating the Relationship Between People, Community and Spaces

For several years, students in Prof. Tasoulla Hadjiyanni's Design and Globalization course (DES 4165/5165) have created brief videos designed to communicate the relationships between people, community, and spaces through the use of creative, engaging case studies.

Student Examples:
St. Bernard's Church: The Unconventional Space (Produced by Mae McKinley, Ngyuen Nguyen, Abigail Lundstrom, Amer Alkharoubi and Samuel Reed)

Fort Snelling (Produced by Cara Haberman, Megan Ziesemer, Natalie Rethlake and Glen Gilbertson)

Red Sea (Produced by Courtney Pellettieri, Isabella McDonald, Claire Rozman and Katryn LaCroix)

The Hmong Marketplace (Produced by Eman AlShawaf and Elizabeth Maki)

Mercado Central: Creation and Evolution of Identity (Produced by Lisa Cronin-Hennessy and Aileen Strickland)

The Polish of Northeast Minneapolis (Produced by Holly Bressler, Emily Milani, Hailey Wrasman, and Rachel Grothe)

Learning Objectives

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Demonstrated Learning Benefits
Tasoulla: Confidence that results from creating a project they had no experience in and that required coordination and synthesizing of info. students seem proud of what they have accomplished at the end of the class so they learned to push through and take risks.

Subject Knowledge Acquired
Tasoulla: They [students] learn to think critically about culture and the role design plays in marginalization and difference.

Soft Skill Set Acquired

Tasoulla: [Students} learn to interview people, formulate questions, feel comfortable with strangers, tell a story, communicate clearly.

Scott: Video production-editing skill sets. audio/visual mixed media composition, interviews, voice over (scripting), media Literacy (media arts approach: video production), project management, group work.

Tasoulla: Two primary challenges: 1) students not able to synthesize the story in a way that it has a clear and communicable message, and 2) stories not highlighting the place and instead focusing on the people. the assignment description has been revised to hopefully help guide students and address these two challenges.

Course Assignment and Grading Rubric

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Support Resources
Media production course outreach support was offered by Media Outreach Librarian, Scott Spicer, in collaboration with Magrath Library Media Specialist, Wanda Marsolek, and Housing Apparel and Design Librarian, Marlys McGuire.

Custom course student media support production guide developed by Scott Spicer

Student Production Support from Magrath Library and the SMART Learning Commons
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