Profiles in Teaching and Learning with Student Media Projects

This online gallery highlights a diversity of student created projects that Library Media Services has supported over the years. More in-depth description of each project can be found on secondary pages.

Biodiversity Case Studies

Students in Dominic Travis, Amy Kinsley and Jessica Deere's Veterinary Public Medicine "Health and Biodiversity" course (VPM 3850W) produced documentary style videos describing various case studies on topics related to the interaction of biodiversity, environment, conservation implications and health aspects in humans and/or domestic animals and/or wildlife.

Student Examples:
Zika Virus & Its Prevelance in Biodiverse Areas (Produced by Amina Abdullahi, Deena Hamza, Jessi Byer, and Mebrura Dzaferovic)

The Senegal River Basin and Schistosomiasis (Produced by Savannah Burr, Janette Romero, Zach Sebens & Izzy Wilson)

Oyster Mushroom Case Study (Produced by Amanda Rau, Shaylah Anwar, Jason Berthe, and Lauren Bigalke)

A Case Study Analysis of Florida Wetlands (Produced by Sydney Shulberg, Christine Stewart, Gloria Wang and Zongnewseng Yang )

Learning Objectives

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Demonstrated Learning Benefits
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Subject Knowledge Acquired
Researching various facets and intersections of wildlife, humans, and environmental ecology

Soft Skill Set Acquired
Video production-editing skill sets
Audio/visual mixed media composition
Voice over (scripting)
Media Literacy (media arts approach: video production)
Project management
Group work

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Course Assignment and Grading Rubric

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Support Resources
Media production course outreach support was offered by Media Outreach Librarian, Scott Spicer, in collaboration with Veterinary Medicine Librarian, Andre Nault.

Custom course student media support production guide developed by Scott Spicer

Student Production Support from Magrath Library and the SMART Learning Commons
Magrath Library Based Media Production Support
Reserve Production Equipment
Schedule Video Production Project Support

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