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Copyright Guidelines

  • Copyright Tools 
    • From the American Library Association's Office for Information Technology
      • Public Domain Slider
        • The Public Domain Slider is a tool to help determine the copyright status of a work that is first published in the U.S. Most of us know that any work published before 1923 is in the public domain, but the copyright status for copyrighted works after 1923 can be difficult to determine.
      • Section 108 Spinner 
        • Use your mouse to turn the wheel chart to the desired section. Helps determine whether or not a particular reproduction is covered by Section 108 (requires Adobe Flash)
      • Fair Use Evaluator
  • Creative Commons 
    • Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works.
  • Copyright & Fair Use 
    • Prepared by Stanford University Libraries this is a very useful site.
  • Copyright Clearance Center 
    • Here you can get permission to reproduce copyrighted content such as articles and book chapters in your journals, photocopies, coursepacks, library reserves, Web sites, e-mail and more.
  • Copyright Crash Course 
    • The Copyright Crash Course Online Tutorial (LibGuide) will help you learn about how ownership of copyrighted materials works, what is fair use and when and how to get permission to use someone else's materials.  University of Texas.
  • Copyright Information and Education (U of M Libraries) 
  • Copyright: an overview
    • This is a section of a larger main site covering all aspects of the law from the Cornell Law School (http://www.law.cornell.edu/). It is from the "Law about. . . " section of the main site.
  • Copyright Permissions Service, University of Minnesota Libraries
    • The Copyright Permissions Service is here to assist faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota in acquiring permissions to use copyrighted items in their scholarship, course websites, course packs, Libraries Reserve and other University-related purposes. We can help with permissions if the item is not in the public domain, available under a Creative Commons license or already covered by an existing license. We can also obtain permissions if you don't think your use is covered by any of the exceptions or limitations, including fair use or you just feel unsure whether your use is a fair use.
  • A Fair(y) Use Tale 
    • YouTube video that uses clips from Disney films to illustrate the concept of "Fair Use."
  • United States Copyright Office 
    • Key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; links to the copyright law and to the homepages of other copyright-related organizations; news of what the Office is doing, including business-process reengineering plans, Congressional testimony and press releases, regulations; a link to online copyright records cataloged since 1978; and much more.
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