Diversify Your Syllabus: Resources and Readings for Your Syllabus

Partner with the Libraries

The University of Minnesota Libraries are here to partner with you in this work.  Our collections are built to support the curriculum of the University.  As you consider diversifying your course readings, please let us know what we can add to our collection to support you!  

Our Subject Librarians & Departmental Liaisons work with academic departments to make the best use of information sources. Contact your Liaison to talk about the resources you're looking for.Libraries are for everyone icon


This list points to some of our academic databases that have content from underrepresented groups or locations.  This does not represent the extent of our collections.  You may want to browse our full list of databases to find sources in a specific area.  

Databases that Offer Multiple Points of View

These databases are designed to offer multiple perspectives and points of view around specific topics.  They can be good for identifying additional points of view that you may want to consider adding to a course.

Encyclopedias and other Reference Sources

These can be good for providing background information on a topic. 


Primary sources in arts, humanities, & social sciences

History, Humanities, Social Sciences

Primary sources in these disciplines are original records created at the time historical events occurred or well after events in the form of memoirs and oral histories.

Examples include: Letters, manuscripts, diaries, rare books, historical photographs, first-hand accounts or documentary sources on a subject, person, event or issue; newspapers written at the time of an event, song, or film from time period, historical maps, government reports or data, etc.

Using Archives and Special Collections resources

Mapping Prejudice

Immigration History Research Center Archives (in Andersen Library)

Givens Collection of African American Literature (in Andersen Library)

Social Welfare History Archives (in Andersen Library)

Upper Midwest Jewish Archives (in Andersen Library)

Kautz Family YMCA Archives (in Andersen Library)

Charles Babbage Institute Archive (in Andersen Library)

Northwest Architectural Archives (in Andersen Library)

Children's Literature Research Collections (in Andersen Library)

Upper Midwest Literary Archives (in Andersen Library)

University of Minnesota Archives (in Andersen Library)

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