This guide compiles resources to help researchers from all disciplines and affiliations locate and identify information on people who identify as transgender. Materials on transgender topics are often difficult to discover; language describing trans identities fluctuates over time and across cultures and regions. This guide helps researchers understand this research ecosystem and identify credible and relevant information sources.


Transgender folks are considered a vulnerable population by ethics review boards, calling for ethical considerations which may not be necessary for other groups. Be mindful of sources of information, disclosing the trans identity of participants, parental consent for youth, de-identification, portrayal of a "single story", absent narratives, and participant well being. Possible mitigation strategies can include transgender folx as advisors, looking to work created by transgender folx to ground understanding, and balancing the benefits to an individual or community with potential for harm.

Additional Resources for Ethical Research

Areas of focus


Journals, reference books, databases, archival materials, and datasets.

Search terms & strategies

Search terms and strategies for finding scholarly literature.


Funding information, including scholarship and grant opportunities.


Sources for connecting with other researchers interested in transgender topics.

Who we are

We are 13 librarians, an archivist, and a web specialist from the University of Minnesota. We approached this project from the perspective of library staff whose constituents are in a university setting. Ours is not the only perspective - perhaps we are not seeing the ways that this guide misses or marginalizes other points of view. We invite you to contact us to share your input for consideration for website content (Click on the "Email contact form" link on the left panel).

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