Diversify Your Syllabus: Resources and Readings for Your Syllabus

Suggested keywords and search terms

(This is not an exhaustive list, but it will help you get started.)

  • critical pedagogy
  • multicutural education
  • social justice
  • culturally relevant teaching
  • culturally relevant pedagogy
  • social justice and education
  • transformative learning
  • discrimination in education
  • decolonization
  • urban education
  • intercultural communication
  • cultural pluralism
  • anti-racism in teaching
  • racial justice
  • inclusive education
  • college teaching
  • first generation college students
  • student diversity
  • teaching methods
  • college campuses 
  • intersectionality

Sample of online books

Below are a selection of online books and readings on these broad topics. We have more online books, journal articles, and sources in our Libraries Search and article databases.  

Create Inclusive Learning Environments from the UMN Center for Educational Innovation

Create Inclusive Learning Environments

Foster a climate of belonging by creating learning environments that support a broad range of learners and represent a diversity of scholars and perspectives. Consider the accessibility of all aspects of your course.

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