Library Resources for Economics Graduate Students

This guide is an introduction to the Libraries for Economics graduate students.

What services are available through the Libraries?

Extra Resources for TAs

If you are a TA for a class, there are some additional resources and options for support:

More Library Services to Highlight

Library checklist for new researchers

Set up off-campus access

  • Add proxy bookmarklet to Chrome/Firefox/etc.
    Click the bookmarklet button to reload the page, prompting you to connect to the UMN Libraries system

  • Download the UMN VPN software.
    Connect to the UMN network off campus. Use “Full Tunnel” to get content provided by the Libraries.

  • Add library links to Google Scholar.
    Settings > Library Links > search “minnesota”. Adds “Find It” links connecting to the UMN Libraries system.

Get started with research tools

  • Sign into your library account to view loans & requests.

  • Log into Interlibrary Loan & Digital Delivery for the first time.
    The first time you log in, the ILL system will ask you to specify delivery settings and other preferences. Use ILL to request books and articles that the library doesn’t have. Digital Delivery will scan and deliver articles and chapters from our print collection via the same request forms. 

  • Download a citation manager.
    A personal database to organize your papers and automatically create and format bibliographies. Start with Zotero, Mendeley, or Endnote.

  • Register for an ORCiD if you plan to publish.
    An ORCiD is a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and is often required for manuscript and grant submissions. to register. for more info.

  • Reserve a carrel.
    Wilson and Magrath Libraries have private carrels if you need a space to do library-intensive research. Magrath has limited availability.

  • Sign up for a workshop.

  • Bookmark the Economics research guides.
    A list of shortcuts to important research tools in your discipline.

Economics Library Guide:

Economics Data Resources:


What is a citation manager?

A citation manager is a software tool used to create personalized databases of citation information and notes. They allow you to:

  • import and organize citation information from article indexes and other sources,
  • export your citations into Word documents or other types of publications,
  • format citations for your papers and bibliographies using APA and many other styles, and
  • include your own notes.

Choosing a citation manager

Citation managers

Feature Zotero Mendeley (not recommended) EndNote 20 EndNote Online
Cost Free Free Price options Free
Styles Many citation styles Many citation styles Many citation styles Fewer citation styles
Plug-ins Microsoft Word, Google Docs Microsoft Word (not compatible with UMN Office 365) Microsoft Word Microsoft Word
Access Desktop/Web Desktop/Web Desktop/Web Web
Storage 300MB free 2GB free Unlimited 2GB free
PDF reader yes yes yes no
Editor integration Word, Google Docs Word Word Word
Sharing Unlimited Limited Unlimited Limited
Support Zotero support Mendeley support EndNote 20 support EndNote Online support
Last Updated: May 21, 2024 11:09 AM