Podcasting Guide

This guide is designed to give users a background on podcasting, and information on upcoming workshops. Information here supports what is learned in the workshops.

What is Podcasting?

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Podcasting is a recorded audio program on any topic you wish that can be shared widely online to a variety of audiences. It includes the creation of a storyline or concept, audio recording of one or more speakers, editing, distribution, and advertising.

This guide was created to help the beginning podcaster learn the basics of the art including information on storytelling, software and equipment, editing, accessibility, and promotion. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please reach out at breakerspace@umn.edu.


Learn to podcast

Interested in learning how to podcast?

Visit the Walter Library Breakerspace during one of podcasting workshops for an introductory lesson! In each session we cover the topic on this guide, provide our own personal advice and insights, and open the floor up to questions, workshopping, and more.

Recording of Podcasting 101 (18 Nov 2022):



The Breakerspace is located in the Basement level of the library, in the Toaster Innovation Hub.

You can also sign up for an appointment with a Multimedia Specialist at z.umn.edu/libmedia

The Toaster Innovation Hub

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The Toaster is a place where ideas are generated, discoveries are made, and entrepreneurial spirits are ignited.

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The Toaster is a place where you can...

  • Connect and collaborate with fellow students
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Here are 5 things to know about the Toaster and a quick guide on how to get started.

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