ESG Ratings

Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg collects data on specific companies and allows you to screen for companies meeting specific ESG criteria. To see all ESG factors regarding a specific company:

Type your company's ticker.
Then, hit the yellow EQUITY key.
Type FA ESG and hit the green <GO> key.
To screen for a list of companies:

Type EQS and hit the green <GO> key.
Click on the Fields button.
Then, expand the menu for Fundamentals, then Bloomberg Fundamentals, then ESG to see a list of available variables.
Bloomberg also has a number of analytical templates available by entering ESG and the green <GO> key.


UMN affiliated users may request an individual account by sending a request to

S&P Capital IQ Pro

Added to Capital IQ (Standard & Poors). ESG data and rankings are used for finance/investment analysis, informs climate and environmental risk, and addresses DEI related questions through the data on corporate governance. Contact to request an account.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

WRDS access is only available for CSOM affiliated students & staff. For access, please contact

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Eikon is available through WRDS for CSOM affiliates only.

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