How to find resources by format

Search the Libraries by format.

Why look for articles?

Use articles to find specific information on a narrow topic area, or to find evidence required to support or refute a claim. Articles can offer overviews of a specific topic (sometimes found in articles called reviews or meta-analyses).

If you are looking to see if an article is peer reviewed, it's best to check with the journal. If the article is from a printed journal, look at the publication information in the front of the journal. If the article is from an electronic journal, go to the journal home page and look for a link to 'About this journal' or 'Notes for Authors'. Here it should tell you if the articles are peer-reviewed. They will say they are peer-reviewed, and in their notes to authors, they will describe the peer-review process. 

Get started

  1. Go to the Libraries homepage.
  2. Enter your search terms into the large search box. Use quotation marks to search for phrases. E.g. "energy drinks."
  3. Use the filters to limit your results by publication date, material type, and/or subject.
  4. Select the link for the title to see the databases holding the article.
  5. Select the link to the database (open in a new tab) to access the article. 
  6. Select "view online," "PDF," or the "Find it" button to connect to the full text if we have it. (More help on getting full text articles.)

Find an article when you know the title: 

  1. Go to the Libraries homepage.
  2. Enter the title into the large search box. Use quotation marks. E.g. "Synthesis of Discipline-Based Education in Physics"

If the University does not provide access to the journal, magazine or newspaper you need, request it from Interlibrary Loan.

Select a database (for a more focused search)

Library databases (sometimes called indexes) are like search engines but search journals, magazines, newspapers and other sources.

  • Subject Guides can help you find the best databases for your topic.
  • Databases A-Z start here if you know the name of the database you are looking for.

Top databases by subject area:

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