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Why use data, datasets, and statistics?

Numerical data, datasets, and statistics can be very powerful in supporting an argument or thesis and can introduce relevant context around a topic. Many courses also require a data component for analysis, so you may find yourself needing to find data that can fit your topic.

Unlike other types of information, data is widely collected and made available in many ways and forms, so there isn't a one-stop-shop for accessing data and statistics. Persistence is key in searching and oftentimes you will have to compromise depending on what is actually available or accessible.

The Libraries has a number of paid databases to access data and statistics, but many rich forms of data can also be found freely available online published by governments, non-profits, think tanks, and educational institutions.

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Getting started

While there is no single resource that will have all types and topics of data or statistics, here are a few popular and highly used resources to start with:

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