Instrument and Voice Guides

Call numbers for harp music

  • M115-M119: Harp alone
    • M115: Collections (more than one composer)
    • M116: Original works - collections (one composer)
    • M117: Original works - separate works
    • M118: Arrangements - collections (one composer)
    • M119: Arrangements - separate works
  • M272-M273: Harp with piano accompaniment
    • M272: Collections
    • M273: Separate works
  • M292-M293: Duets for two plucked instruments (of all kinds)
    • M292: Collections
    • M293: Separate works
  • M294-M295: Duets - one stringed and one plucked instrument
  • M296-M297: Duets - one wind and one plucked instrument
  • M325-M329: Piano and two plucked instruments
  • M330-M334: Piano, one string, and one plucked instrument
  • M335-M339: Piano, one wind, and one plucked instrument
  • M365-M369: Three plucked instruments
  • M370-M374: Three stringed and plucked instruments
  • M375-M379: Three wind and plucked instruments
  • M380-M384: Three stringed, wind, and plucked instruments

Quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets follow similar patterns (in the M400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s, respectively).

Concertos and similar pieces:

  • M1036: Harp with orchestra - full scores
  • M1036.5: Cadenzas for harp with orchestra 
  • M1037: Harp with orchestra - piano reductions
  • M1136: Harp with string orchestra - full scores
  • M1136.5: Cadenzas for harp with string orchestra
  • M1137: Harp with string orchestra - piano reductions

Studies and methods:

  • MT540: General works
  • MT542: Systems and methods
  • MT543: Teaching pieces
  • MT544: Instructive editions
  • MT546: Orchestral studies (excerpts)
  • MT547: Two harps
  • MT548: Self-instructors
  • MT552: Celtic harp
  • MT557: Piano harp

Subject headings for harp music

Use this list of subjects to get started searching in the Libraries catalog:

Solo harp music: 

  • sonatas (harp)
  • suites (harp)
  • variations (harp)
  • [fill in this blank with the genre of composition you're looking for] (harp)
  • harp music

Harp and piano music:

  • rondos (harp and piano)
  • sonatas (harp and piano)
  • suites (harp and piano)
  • variations (harp and piano)
  • [fill in this blank with the genre of composition you're looking for] (harp and piano)
  • harp and piano music


  • harps (2)
  • violin and harp music
  • flute and harp music
  • horn and harp music
  • etc.


  • plucked instrument trios
  • trios; use this subject heading to search for mixed stringed and plucked, various combinations; for example:
    • trios (flute, harp, viola)
    • trios (harp, violin, violoncello)
    • etc.

Quartets [follow this pattern for quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets]:

  • plucked instrument quartets [this subject heading will return a list of various combinations of strings and winds instruments]
  • plucked instruments suites [this subject heading will return a list of various combinations of instruments]
  • plucked instrument variations [this subject heading will return a list of various combinations of instruments]
  • plucked instrument + the genre of composition you're looking for

Harp and orchestra:

  • concertos (harp)
  • concertos (harp) with solo piano
  • concertos (harp) with orchestra
  • concertos (harp) with string orchestra
  • rondos (harp) with orchestra
  • [fill in this blank with the genre you're looking for] (harp) with orchestra


Find harp-specific scholarship online and in print through the Music Library

Want an overview of harp-related publications and lists of repertoire? 

Browse these call number ranges in the Music Library's Reference section (located on the low shelving in the front of the Library, across from the circulation desk) and General collections. If you need help locating any of these materials, just ask at the circulation desk!

  • ML128 .H3: Harp bibliographies
  • ML1005: General works
  • ML1006: Construction
  • ML1008: Music and playing

Also, make sure to check out these specific titles:

  • Aubat-Andrieu, Mathilde, Lilian Rossi, and Jean Rossi. Guide to the Contemporary Harp. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2019. ebook
  • Haefner, Jaymee. One Stone to the Building: Henriette Renié’s LifeThrough Her Works for Harp. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2017. General Collection ML419.R45 H34 2017
  • Inglefield, Ruth K. Marcel Grandjany: Concert Harpist, Composer, and Teacher. Washington: University Press of America, 1977. General Collection ML419.G7 I6 1977
  • Inglefield, Ruth K., and Lou Anne Neill. Writing for the Pedal Harp: A Standardized Manual for Composers and Harpists. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1985. General Collection Quarto MT540 .I53 1985  
  • Kondonassis, Yolanda. The Composer’s Guide to Writing Well for the Modern Harp. New York: Carl Fischer, 2019. General Collection MT542 .K662 2019
  • Michel, Catherine, and François Lesure. Répertoire de la musique pour harpe publiée du XVIIe au début du XIXe siècle bibliographie. Paris: Aux amateurs de livres international, 1990. General Collection ML128.H3 M5 1990
  • Owens, Dewey. Carlos Salzedo: From Aeolian to Thunder, a Biography. Chicago : Lyon & Healy Harps, 1992. General Collection ML419 .S186 1992  
  • Palkovic, Mark. Harp Music Bibliography: Chamber Music and Concertos. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2002. Reference ML128.H3 P33 2002
  • Palkovic, Mark. Harp Music Bibliography Supplement: Compositions for Solo Harp and Harp Ensemble. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2002. Reference ML128.H3 P35 2002
  • Palkovic, Mark. Harp Music Bibliography: Compositions for Solo Harp and Harp Ensemble. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1995. General Collection ML128.H3 P35 1995
  • Renié, Henriette. Method for the Harp. Translated by Geraldine Ruegg. Paris: Alphonse Leduc, 1999. General Collection Folio MT542.R46 C662 1999
  • Rensch, Roslyn. Harps and Harpists. Rev ed. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2017. E-book
  • Swanson, Carl. A Guide for Harpists: Care, Maintenance, and Repair of the Pedal Harp. 2nd ed. Bloomington, IN: Vanderbilt Editions, 2002. General Collection Quarto ML1006 .S9 2002 
  • Varennes, Françoise des. Henriette Renié: Living Harp. 2nd ed. Bloomington, IN: Music Works-Harp Editions, 1990. General Collection ML419.R45 D5x 1990  
  • Welsh, Mary Sue. One Woman in a Hundred: Edna Phillips and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2013. E-book
  • Zingel, Hans Joachim. Harfenmusik. Hofheim am Taunus: Hofmeister, 1965. General Collection ML128 .H3 Z5 1965
  • Zingel, Hans Joachim. Harp Music in the Nineteenth Century. Edited by Mark Palkovic. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1992. General Collection  ML1008 .Z5613 1992

Interested in browsing harp-specific journals? Check out these periodicals (current periodicals are just past the circulation desk in the rack on the wall, and older issues of print periodicals are located to your right when you first enter the Music Library):

  • The American Harp Journal
  • Harp Column Magazine
    • Available in print and digitally through the University Libraries
    • To access the digital version of Harp Column Magazine
      • First, click on the link labeled "View Online: Miscellaneous Ejournals" in the Libraries catalog record.
      • Next, you'll see a page that will provide you with a username and password.
      • When you see the Harp Column Magazine interface, click on the "Login" link at the top of the page to enter the credentials listed on the previous screen. Do NOT click on the "Subscribe Now" button or the "Account" dropdown menu.

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